Absent Silhouette
Absent Silhouette
Official Artwork
Level High?
Affiliation Human-Form Nobodies
Leader Varies
Main Ability Mimic
Reaction Command n/a

Absent Silhouettes are very strange Lesser Nobodies. It seems there is one for every Human-Form Nobody, and they will only appear when their corresponding Human-Form is slain. Like the Pawn Lessers, very little is known about these types, as they appear rarely, and attack until one party is incapacitated.

Appearance Edit

Absent Silhouettes appear as floating orbs of Darkness surrounded by thorns of Nothingness energy. Their "face" is only the image that appears on their Human-Form's Proof of Existence panel, a silhouette of their weapon. They are surrounded by bits of their Human-Form's element.

However, when they are approached, their appearance changes to exactly match that of their Human-form counterpart.

Abilities Edit

Absent Silhouettes themselves only have one ability: the ability to exactly mimic their corresponding Human-Form Nobody. When approached, they take on the exact appearance and abilities of their Human-form and attack the approacher. They seem to copy their Human-form at their peak of power, able to use many abilities they do not commonly use.

Notes Edit

  • The image shown is the Absent Silhouette of the Organization XIII member Larxene. It shows her throwing knives and is surrounded by several bolts of lightning, her element.
  • Absent Silhouettes seem completely bound to their Human-form. It may be that they are not in fact Lessers, but simply a spirit of some sort that is born with any Human-form.