Official Artwork
Level High
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Axel (former)
Main Ability Sneak, Slash, Self-Destruct
Reaction Command Fail Safe

Assassins are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Assassins' uniforms consist of indigo jumpsuits that go from their knee to their necks. Atop this, they wear silver jackets with many layered, alternating colored sleeves of indigo and silver. Each layer has a spike resembling the Nobody insignia in the layer's color that appear to be hard and sharp. They wear spiked indigo helmets that have a long white and indigo cloths that hang over their faces and down several feet with the Nobody insignia embroidered on them.

Assassins appear to be very tall, possibly even taller than Berserkers at their full length. However, they are never seen standing to their full height - rather, they hang slumped over, with their knees bent. They are also very thin, and unlike many Nobodies, they appear to be equally thin over their entire bodies, rather than larger in some areas and almost nonexistent in others. Their skin is dark gray.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Assassins primarily attack by sinking into the ground itself and gliding around within it, as though it were liquid. Only their arched backs can be seen in this when they do this, undulating in and out of the floor, and they are impervious to attack. From this form, they raise their arms above the ground and slash at enemies with the spikes on their sleeves, doing impressive damage. However, they can be pulled out of the ground by parrying their attacks and pulling on their stunned arms.

When they are near death, they will fold themselves into a ball of pure Nothingness energy and self-destruct rather than letting their enemies kill them.