The Chessmen
Official Artwork
Level High
Affiliation Organization Eternal
Leader Xiron, Sir Lionel, Ryan
Main Ability Shrink, Stomp
Reaction Command Checkmate

The Chessmen are Xiron's personal group of Lesser Nobodies. There are only 32 of them at any given time, and are selected from the elite of other classes of Lessers.

Creation Edit

Chessmen are unique in that they are the only class of Lesser Nobody that is not individual, but is actually comprised of other types of Nobodies. It is also unique in that all of its members are Independent, a necessary feature in order to wear their armor.

Chessmen are recruited from high-ranking Independent Nobodies. They are usually Lesser-forms who display exemplary skills or specialization in a certain field.

Appearance Edit

Chessmen vary in appearance more than any class of Lesser-form, due to being comprised of various different types, each with a different body size and shape. However, they do all wear the same uniform, or more accurately armor. They wear a silver face mask and silver and purple body armor, with a small multicolored tabard attached. They have a cylindrical casing around their legs that extends up to their mid-torso, giving them the chess piece look. As their legs are inaccessible when wearing this, they tend to hover to move around rather than walk. They also wear massive gauntlets around their forearms that end in a two-pronged claw, that they control dexterously from within.

"King" and "Queen" types occasionally wear tiny floating crowns when not on missions.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Chessmen use different weapons depending on what "piece" they are. King and Queen pieces carry large Claymores, Bishops carry long spears, Knights carry broad halberds, and Rooks carry pointed shields. All Chessmen learn the "shrink" ability, allowing them to become only several inches in height, allowing them to be much more useful in surveying areas without being detected. They also have the ability to at least hover, and do so to move around when wearing their full uniform, though this seems to be an innate ability of all Nobodies.

They can also use the same weapons and abilities they used as their usual forms.

Members Edit

  • Ryan (Lesser) - Bishop, Samurai
    • The unofficial leader of the group, general liaison to Xiron and head of detailed missions
    • Defeated
  • Renee (Lesser) - Queen, Dancer
    • Surveillance tail, often assigned to Jinx, Tustin, and Marya
  • Daniel (Lesser) - Rook, Berserker
    • The most Independent of the Chessmen, focusing more on I.N.A. than Chessmen missions
  • Paul (Lesser) - Knight, Assassin
    • Combat-focused Chessman, friends with the Thieves
  • Charles (Lesser) - Knight
    • Surveillance tail, usually works with Dean, the best of the Chessmen at surveillance
  • Dean (Lesser) - Rook
    • Surveillance tail, usually works with Charles, often in competition with him
  • Lisa (Lesser) - Bishop, Dancer
    • The newest Chessman, and Ryan's personal lackey