Darkness Infections occur when Darkness enters and affects the body and mind of an individual.

Raen's Darkness Infection Edit

The Infection caused by the Heartless Raen is fairly simple in nature, though very dangerous. It infects its host by entering through a wound or any opening in the skin. The area infected becomes covered in a smoky black substance, and if not checked, will quickly spread. It spreads faster within the body than without, and the infected become incredibly hostile, easily-manipulated, short-tempered, and prone to paranoia and backwards plotting. The only known way to remove the infection is to physically cut out whatever part of the body is infected.

Any wound taken from Raen could spread the infection into a new host. It would spread through the host if not treated with the right materials. If treated, it would heal normally, though leave a permanent smoky-gray scar. In proximity of Raen or anything created by or holding a large quantity of his Darkness, the scar would itch and burn.

Bale's Darkness Infection Edit

The Infection caused by the Heartless Bale is much more complex in nature, and possibly even more dangerous. Known sometimes as The Blue Dark, this infection drastically alters the appearance of its host and dramatically lowers their willpower against certain suggestion.