Emblem Heartless are Heartless first created by the six apprentices of Ansem the Wise during their expiriments on Darkness and the Heart. When they discovered that a Heart consumed with Darkness made a new creature, they attempted to recreate it, and so they did. They began manufacturing these creatures of Darkness of all sorts of shapes and varieties. Upon each, they put the emblem of Xehanort, their leader, giving them their name. These Heartless had a range of special abilities, wore strange and colorful uniforms, and seemed to be able to work together and under leadership better than Pureblood Heartless did. They are created when a person's Heart is stolen by another Emblem Heartless of the same variety, and are somewhat based on the attributes of the person they were prior to having their Heart taken.

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Though they were originally limited to what the apprentices created, Emblem Heartless quickly evolved and grew to suit the worlds they appeared on. Now hundreds, if not thousands, of different breeds exist.


Soldier-type Emblem Heartless are likely the most common type of Emblem Heartless. As their name suggests, they are generally armored in some way and attack physically.

Soldier-types appear to change most drastically to fit the world in which they appear, possibly a result of being the most human in appearance.


Magic-type Emblem Heartless, as their name suggests again, use Magic to attack enemies, with several small exceptions. They are generally very small in stature and float.


Animal-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that resemble animals. They often appear on worlds with many animals, and therefore may in fact be the Heartless of animals that once resided there. A disproportionate amount of Command-level Heartless are animal-types.


Mechanical-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that resemble machines or are primarily mechanical in nature. They appear most everywhere, even where you wouldn't expect them to.


Ghost-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that resemble and have characteristics of the dead, undead, or spirits.

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Mushroom-type Emblem Heartless are rare Heartless that appear to be wearing mushroom-shaped costumes. They offer rare prizes in exchange for certain actions.

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Plant-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that resemble and have characteristics of plants.

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Elemental-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that are made solely of a single element.

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Program-type Emblem Heartless are Heartless that are made digitally and generally exist only in digital worlds.

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