Gummi is a type of material found in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. It is the material that comprise the interstellar boundaries between worlds. When the shield is broken, the Gummi material falls apart and down onto the world it was surrounding, appearing as a large meteor shower.

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Gummi blocks and anything made of them are generally colored brightly or at least vividly. Gummi blocks are all geometrically perfect in shape, so form together smoothly. They are smooth and elastic, and meld instantly to one another. They are very durable, able to endure passing through a planet's atmosphere, deep space, laser and missile attacks, and traveling at incredible speeds and through warp holes.

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Gummi Map and Routes Edit

Gummi Routes are interstellar pathways that connect inhabitable worlds. They do not cross regular space; rather, they are their own separate routes through space that significantly shorten the distance between worlds. If not for these paths, interplanetary travel would take years traveling at the speed of light simply from one planet to its closest inhabitable neighbor. It is theorized that the worlds themselves have created these pathways, linking themselves to other worlds.

Gummi Routes appear to be littered with a wide array of large, strangely shaped masses of Gummi Blocks. Some of these can be large enough to feature landscapes, while others are so small that many Gummi Ships are larger. Warp Points can be found along some Gummi Routes that link between two separate Gummi Routes. These Warp Routes appear to be quite short and empty, and can "jump" large gaps between Gummi Routes. Warp Routes can be opened at any time using a Warp Gummi Block.

The Gummi Map is a physical model representing the worlds' "locations" and the routes linking them.

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