This is the article for the Heartless Lyxa, if you are looking for the Nobody, go here Xyal (Nobody).

Lyxa is the Heartless of Xyal, created when Lya's heart was lost in a Heartless attack in Halloween Town.


Shortly after Lya's heart was ripped out, it formed into a Heartless with a ghostly form. After a disscussion with a future version of Xyal, it decided on the name 'Lyxa' and left.

She bears no ill-will against Nobodies, and avoids conflict wherever possible. Currently Lyxa lives in the woods of a small world; where she has become the proverbial monster under the bed.

Don't go into the deep forest; or the shadowgirl will eat your heart.

She is the thing parents warn their children about, the bump in the night. She gets great pleasure from scaring the citizens, occasionally consuming the heart of one who wanders into the forest; though she destroys any Heartless born from them, releasing it's heart. This is one, to work towards the goal of Kingdom Hearts; and two to keep her world to herself.

Symbiosis with XyalEdit

Lyxa and Xyal have a unique symbiotic relationship, owing to Lya's youth (and hinted at her original life) her Heartless and Nobody function harmoniously. Lyxa uses Xyal's intellect to keep from becoming a mindless beast and in turn, Xyal can experience true emotion through their connection. Lyxa has chosen to remain at a distance from the young Nobody as she see that Xyal could not live without her 'family' at Eternal and could not stay with them should they rejoin.