Below is a list of important miscellaneous items that can be found in the OE universe.

Coffee Edit

Coffee is the drug of choice among many of those living at the Tower. It happens to be the only thing Eternalites will see the Superior, Raxen, drink.

Ration Bars Edit

Compacted food used for survival in the wilderness, kept in stock by Organization Eternal for long missions. They come in two forms:

  • Survival Bar - A generally tasteless cake-like bar that contains all the nutrients one needs and inflates when wet to fill the stomach.
  • Granola Bar - A much better tasting bar that doesn't last as long. Homemade by Jinx.

Energy Drink Edit

Sugary drinks loaded with caffeine to keep people on their toes. They come in two forms:

  • Soda Pop - A basic beverage that tastes good and wakes people up.
  • Energy Drink - Basically liquid caffeine, gives a rapid boost of energy.

Magic Orb Edit

Magic orbs are small crystal orbs that store magical energy. A person can store any spell they have learned in one and pass it on to another person to learn. It is the fastest way to teach magic.

When empty, they appear cloudy and dusty. When full, the spell within seems to swirl and glow. For example, if an orb houses a water spell, the orb would appear full of dimly glowing blue water.

Drive Orb Edit

Drive orbs work the same as Magic Orbs - but work with Drive Forms, rather than Spells.

Summonstones Edit

Summonstones are any items that contain "Aeons," spirits that reside in nonliving things due to the memories associated with it. They can be any item at all, as long as they contain strong enough memories to induce a living spirit.