Org For Hire's graffiti like Insignia

Organization For Hire is a very small group of Nobodies that operate as mercenaries and workers for hire. They exist alongside Organization Eternal along with many of the other Organizations, having been formed after a year of OE. Residing in Twilight Town's Old Mansion, they often receive less than favorable jobs that would require their skill, often caught working for establishments such as Happy Heart Pizza.

Activity + Work Edit

Members Edit

All members wear a modified version of the original Organization XIII's coat. A skin tight jacket that is slightly designed for fashion purposes, making it synonymous with the group and it's activities.

  1. Geixser, The Tiny Telekinetic
  2. Thornex, The Unfaltering Hunter
  3. Expan, The Hexilateral Defender
  4. Vextesn, The Stony Arbitrator
  5. Xieland, The Flamboyant Melody
  6. Shexik, The Graffiti Punk
  7. Xarash, The Constant Holst
  8. Nakxir, The Cold Reflection
  9. Llexidane/Illexande, The Mercurial Opposite
Org 4 Hire s Coat Design by Org For Hire

Organization For Hire's Coat Design

Bodyguards Edit

The superior, Geixser is regularly outlawed and hunted on the worlds in which he does accept dirty work and similar questionable quests. Therefore they regularly enlist extra help in the form of the strongest members of their organization serving as personal back up when targeted. The current guards are;

  • Urux, controlling Sand
  • Pexsha, controlling Shape
  • Cornex, controlling Necromancy
  • Herxsem, controlling Storms

They are no longer given numbers, should they fail their duties. But most are considered the elite members among most of the others, so much that the superiors regard them as highly capable.

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