"If light and darkness are eternal, then surely we nothings must be the same... Eternal."
—Xemnas, on everlasting Nothingness

Organization XIII was the first Organization of Nobodies created. It was founded before the downfall of Radiant Garden by the six apprentices of Ansem the Wise

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Main article: Replica Program

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  • Xemnas - The Superior, leader of the Organization and Master of the World that Never Was
  • Xigbar - The Freeshooter, primarily worked as a scout, spy, and recruiter for Organization XIII
  • Xaldin - The Whirlwind Lancer, did undercover work for the Organization in an attempt to create new Nobodies
  • Vexen - The Chilly Academic, did research on the Heart and memories, and created the Replica Program
  • Lexaeus - The Silent Hero, the Organization's heavy hitter, used to bring down troublesome enemies
  • Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer, a cold, calculating little man who despised traitors
  • Saix - The Luna Diviner, acted as second in command to Xemnas, and often toyed with his enemies
  • Axel - The Flurry of Dancing Flames, known as the traitor to Organization XIII who led them to their destruction
  • Demyx - The Melodious Nocturne, a laid-back Nobody who hated going on missions and fighting
  • Luxord - The Gambler of Fate, a wordsmith who confounded enemies before drawing them into games they could not win
  • Marluxia - The Graceful Assassin, a treacherous man who wanted to control the Organization through the Keyblade Master
  • Larxene - The Savage Nymph, Org. XIII's only female member, and possibly their cruelest
  • Roxas - The Key of Destiny, wielder of the Keyblade, a savior during his time, but eventually their downfall

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Organization XIII seemed to have access to unlimited supplies.

They were armed with a massive fleet of Gummi Ships, including a huge Dreadnaught Battleship, perhaps a dozen other command ships, various drop ships, and an untold number of individual Nobody Gummi ships, laying in wait along Gummi routes.

Xemnas was able to create a world of Nobodies, and begin fabricated and false Kingdom Hearts out of collected Hearts. It is unknown how he was able to accomplish this task, though the former may have simply been an immense, long-time project of his power over Nothingness.

They were able to do research projects using highly advanced technology, even creating human clones. They also created many new and powerful devices that can still be used today.

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  • Days Spoiler: Though Xion was considered the 14th member of Organization XIII, no record or memory of her exists after she was absorbed by Roxas. Therefore, in the OE universe, she is unknown and never recorded as a member.

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