Radiant Garden
World Logo
A.K.A. Hollow Bastion
Realm Realm of Light
Locale Core
Affiliation Light, Darkness
Type Kingdom Hearts Exclusive
World Leader Ansem the Wise (former), Master Leonhart
World Villain Xehanort, Maleficent, Organization XIII, The Foes

The Radiant Garden is a very important world in the Realm of Light. It provides possibly the only direct means of reaching the Realm of Darkness in the entire Realm of Light, and also serves as a hub to reach the Light world of Disney Castle, the Dark world The End of the World, and the In-Between world Twilight Town via gummi ship.

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Due to Radiant Garden's key location near the core of the Realm of Light, its position as the doorway between the three Realms, and the only known Heartless Manufacturer, Radiant Garden has long been contested among groups. As such, Radiant Garden has developed several forms of military and has produced many great warriors.

Radiant Garden Armed Forces Edit

The Radiant Garden Armed Forces make up the core of the military. It consists mainly of ordinary soldiers equipped with rifles and knives.

Elite Forces Edit

Elite forces of the Radiant Garden Military include the Radiant Garden Elite Soldier Corps, who act as commanders of the ordinary soldiers, and the Radiant Garden Castle Guard, who guard the castle and laboratories. Both have a choice of preferred weapon.

SeeDs Edit

SeeDs are the commando group of Radiant Garden. They are trained in the use of swords, guns, and magic. Each is assigned an Aeon that they may summon, or use to boost their own strength. Many SeeDs are trained in the use of the Gunblade.

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