The acronym SDC stands for Sex Drive club. This club is formed mainly by the members whose libido tends to take over their judgement and they are constantly having amazing lovings all over the tower. They dont have a meeting schedule or an official member list, but they can recognize each other.


The beggining of this glorious club are still quite uncertain, though it has been constantly attributed to Raxen `s glorious days as a player before he settled down with Xikya . Another member that could be pointed at while discussing the begginings of the club, is our other superior Mesajinx . Her sexy physique and seductive ways attracts many members towards her.

Regular membersEdit


In his early times he was quite a player, but to the present day, he has finally settled with Xikya who is the mother of his second child.

His list of beddings comprise of:

  • Amaya
  • Kaani
  • Lexida
  • Xki
  • Vix
  • Mia
  • Xiam
  • The other heartless Mia
  • Two fancy hookers (our superior requires quality)
  • Your momma
  • And finally Xikya


"More commonly know by the other members as Jinx"