Official Artwork
Level Mid-High
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Roxas (formerly)
Main Ability Swordsmanship
Reaction Command Duel Stance

Samurai are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Samurai wear loose, dark gray jumpsuits that look similar to wide-sleeved Japanese kimonos from the waist up that parachute around the thigh, tied around the waist with a doubled belt upon which they hang their two katana sheaths, and embroidered with the Nobody insignia. The pants of their jumpsuits are tucked into thin, long boots. They wear tall, cylindrical helms of dark metal, with six asymmetrical slots for sight. Like most Lesser-forms, their skin is dark gray, as evidenced by their visible hands.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Samurai are excellent swordsmen, wielding two katanas at once in battle with deadly skill. While attacking with both swords, they will often use their two sheaths to continue their attacks as well, effectively wielding four weapons at once - making them possibly the most skillful Lesser-form. They move extremely quick, sometimes unable to be seen, and they often attack from behind, making them extremely difficult to defend against.

However, they are also very honorable fighters, and will often meditate on the battlefield, waiting for an opponent to approach. If one approaches a meditating Samurai and waits for acknowledgment, they will stand and challenge that person to a duel. Only the quickest will succeed in attacking his opponent.