Official Artwork
Level Medium
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Xigbar (former)
Main Ability Warp, Hang, Fire
Reaction Command Warp Snipe

Snipers are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Snipers wear purple jumpsuits that cover from their feet to their collars that have high pointed shoulders, hips, and knees, with silver markings and a zipper going up the middle of the front. Just below their hips are silver "wings" that shoot off their uniform, shaped similar to the Nobody insignia. The sleeves of the suit are tucked into elbow-length gloves of a darker purple that flare out at the ends. They wear caps or helmets that cover half their faces, again in purple, with a bull's eye symbol over the right eye.

Their skin is very pale gray. Despite being very thin, they are one of the most human-like Lessers in proportion.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Snipers utilize the abilities that seem apparent in all Lesser-forms to their full extent. They are never seen standing on solid ground, but instead, hang in the air with their feet planted as though standing on a wall. They are not often seen moving on their own, but rather quickly warp in and out of their location, staying in one place only long enough to take aim and fire.

They wield crossbows that shoot self-aiming ammunition. They fire a small pink crystal into the air that tracks its target, then fires a beam of Nothingness energy at them. This crystal may be used to retaliate: by hitting it while it is still targeting, it can be fired directly back toward its shooter.